One on One 

Sometimes you need some private attention.  Focus just for you.  For your specific problems, for your particular perspective, with no one else watching.  Sometimes you need to wrestle with questions of ethics, with communication, with strategy before you share it with anyone.  You need to work out conflicts with your co-founder, or just with yourself.

And sometimes you need to work alone, because it’s just you. You’re getting started and you want to do it right, or you don’t even know exactly what you want or need yet. 

Private Executive Coaching

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dark haired person with bright pink shawl on one shoulder, looking at the camera

individual work

what you get

individual phone sessions, up to three hours a month, recorded

quick questions by DM

the space is yours; the time is yours

set goals, work out challenges, have support and a thought partner outside the whirlwind of your life

advice and concrete suggestions and space to work it out on your own

strategy, ethics, conflict, getting your needs met–you choose the focus and I keep you on track

what it costs

$3600/3 months


The last year or two that we have worked together have been some of the deepest inner work I’ve done. Again and again Leela helps guide me into being who I want to be, while encouraging and embracing my leadership and power in the world.”

–Ira X Armstrong

founder, Peace Out Loud


“I got more guidance, ideas, and reassurance in one hour with Leela than I have gotten from anyone else. I now feel more confident about my ministry and the possibilities that await.”

Rev. Kimberley Debus

dark haired person against a light blue background wearing a dark collared shirt and a light green tie, untied