Build a great place to work

The Intensives Institute

It better be fun, or it better be interesting.

Or it’s just not happening.

…but you still need to run a business. 



Get your people working well together.



Go like hell.

Rest like the dead.

Run toward challenges.

Business is anything but usual.

Some people say you’re too much.

You say bring it on.

It’s what makes you who you are.


 About Us

We Train Intensives Who Lead

More appreciation, less resentment: Let us train you and your team about who intensives (and expansives) are and how we work, so you get the best out of each other.  Head off conflict before it even begins to think about needing resolution.

Get the right people: Hire us to consult on the hiring process, from job descriptions to onboarding.  Hire an intensive where you need one.  Hire an expansive where that’s the right fit.  And keep them all happy.

Lonely at the top? It certainly can be. 1-1 coaching for executive leaders and teams gives you an intensive who understands intensives. Blunt and bold when it’s needed, grace when it matters–knowing yourself and your team is half the job but knowing how to take good care of your people is what makes a leader stand out.


Only the Best

Leadership is equal parts boldness and attunement.

Teams Trainings


Introduction to Intensives and Expansives

Hiring with the SIEF principles

Managing Across Types

Clients and Marketing with the SIEF Framework

Leadership and Intensives


Customized work with your team

Hiring processes

Team building

Scaling culture

Culture shifts


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