Institute Membership

Learn. Grow. Gather.

A virtual space:
With intensives.
By intensives.

Where intensive is just how we are.


Since I know someone will ask, this gorgeous header image is the House of Scientists, in Lviv, Ukraine.  Photograph by Alya Rudi.  Isn’t it stunning?

intensive style.

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Salons: quarterly virtual gatherings where intensives meet intensives, often with guest speakers to get the conversation started.  Be excited! Watch people’s eyes shine when you tell them all about it. Be direct. Be engaged.  Be connected. Be you.

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Learning and Inquiry: get more! Resources and conversations with brand new thinking about intensives and things we might find interesting. Quick courses, favorite places, people, and resources.

Get to know each other

So often, clients of the institute find themselves wanting a place where intensive is normal; where direct communication, enthusiastic deep dives, complex, interconnected thinking, big emotions (including joy!), and clear boundaries are just how we do. The Institute is specifically a place for intensive leaders to meet, interconnect, and engage in that way, without the pressure of a continuous forum or chat space.  Instead: discrete events, educational opportunities, and a directory at the heart of it all, so we can find each other in our own way.

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Directories: internal, for members to find each other.

External, for members’ businesses (Leadership Level only).

meet, find, support, enjoy, socialize, and work with other intensives

your host

Rev. Leela Sinha is an accidental connector, the founder of the Intensives Institute, and the creator of the SIEF intensives/expansives framework. Let the intensive rumpus start!

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membership includes…

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Private Podcast

Longer, more in-depth explorations, new intensive concepts, and more

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The Gallery

Featuring interesting posts, podcasts, ideas, and people

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Resources & Directories

People, places, books, and the intensives ourselves–including an internal directory and, for Leadership Level, an external business directory

three people's hands holding coffee and other drinks raised in a toast to one another


Quarterly (Leadership level) or annual (Basic level) gatherings live online where we can meet, talk, connect, and explore together