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You’re an intensive

a leader

with power

and you’re gonna do this right.


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The basics:

intro to SIEF

team dynamics

sales and marketing

leadership and management

job descriptions and hiring


background and beliefs

injuries and vulnerabilities

setting the compass

systems of accountability

When you train alone, you learn.  When you train together, you actually use it.  And you’re running a company, not a one-person show.  You need help, so you hire help. Now you all have to work together.

Basics first 

Train your team in the basics first, so they know themselves and each other better.  Get them to appreciate their diversity and learn to love it–together.  Train in the specific areas that are relevant to your business, and spend enough time that the SIEF framework and its applications become second nature.  This isn’t a one night stand, this is a training that changes perspectives, improves connections and communication, and lays the groundwork for a people-centered company culture.

Then you can move on to ethics.


Level Two: ethics

It goes like this:

You’re a founder.  And you’re an intensive.  You start a company. You hire a team. You build a great culture with a tiny, feisty, brilliant crew.  So far, so good.  You hit minimum milestones.  You’re stable. You start treating this like a full-blown company.  You get divisions and sections and specializations.  You’re proud, and also a little blown away when you look around.  You did that.  Yeah you did.

You realize that with growth comes visibility, influence, and power.  You knew that, but now it’s *right there* in front of you.  Right there.  And so is the wreckage of every bad-power decision made by every founder before you.  That’s not what you’re doing, though.  You’re not.

But you need a system for making that a team thing, a company thing, a culture thing. You need a way to get everyone on the same page and keep them there…including you.

Ethics for Leaders takes you and your team through a process of developing and implementing an integrated system of ethics in your organization.


New Hires Existing Teams

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