We have topics, good people!

This is what I’m going to use to shape our year together here at the Institute.  Podcast topics, discussion topics, all of it will center on these things.

It helps me not get stuck with a blank page/silent mic, and it helps make some sense of the work and play we do together.
Of course, the q&a can be anything you bring. But here are some things to help give our year some shape. After May I’ll set up the rest of the year.
But here we go!
  • January is gas-and-brakes, or what to do when go and stop arrive, urgently, at the same time.
  • February: love the one you’re with–finding the delight and the relief…and when to give up on being nice
  • March: going upstream. solving the symptom vs solving the PROBLEM
  • April: Inside/out: being unique/belonging, two sides of one coin
  • May is too many ideas too little time: priorities, lots of ideas, how to rest anyway
…and after this point, everything is still a bit tbd, but here are some of the ideas:
  • muses, gods, and other forces of nature
  • the best laid plans–making a plan, and breaking one
  • heroes, role models, collaborators, goodness in leadership
  • October: summoning power
  • how to…fun?
  • grief, grit, rest, recovery,
  • deep integration–in intensives, everything is connected to EVERYTHING
  • loving the dark, loving the light