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Discovery, identity, leadership, power, impact 

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no handbasket, we promise. And you’re finally going to know what’s coming.


For Leaders As Themselves

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team development & leadership. maturity, ethics, & legacy.


We’ve got them all.

Executive Coaching, One on One

Strong. Smart. Sharp. Safe. Lead with great behind-the-scenes guidance for all those hard to navigate places.  Explore your own intensiveness and develop as a leader, design a company that works for you or stay strong and effective as your company, power, and public presence grow.

Build a Team

Time to add people and move yourself from delivery to design. Write great job descriptions, interview with confidence, hire the right people the first time, and help them work like the brilliant team they are.

Team Leadership and Development

You hired, you got them on board, and now you want to get friction as close to zero as possible.  They’re growing, they’re changing.  Appreciation and delegation will make them a powerhouse team–or show you where you need changes.

The Public Eye

There’s that moment, when you realize that your company has a reputation all by itself; that you have a reputation as the head of your company (or you will soon); that people are going to start examining the ways you do business against who you say you are. Ideally, you want your organization’s ethical framework established and supported by your systems long before you need it. Get solid integrity built in.



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