Gender Inclusion

Beyond the binary

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Women? Womxn? Nonbinary? Enby? 


I just want to run my class.



Everyone but cis men.

People Of Marginalized Genders.







Safe Space

Safer Space


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trans, or is it trans*





Yeah, I know, and it’s complicated, and the rules keep changing.

You want to be inclusive.

You know that gender is more than men and women but…there are so many possibilities.

Even people who ARE in that world sometimes have a hard time keeping up.

You want to do the right thing.

You want to include good people and not ones who will make a mess of your group dynamic.

And you want to do it well.  You just don’t know where to start.

Join me for a 90 minute beginner class.  We’ll go over what the heck the language is right now, (hint: womxn is not it), and how to figure out what you should say or do for your event or class.  This is a recording of a live class that we offered in 2021 and includes the class recording, introductory videos for each section, PDF worksheets, and supporting materials.

The last year or two that we have worked together have been some of the deepest inner work I’ve done. Again and again Leela helps guide me into being who I want to be, while encouraging and embracing my leadership and power in the world.”

–Ira X Armstrong

founder, Peace Out Loud


In or Out?

Who do you mean to include?  

A beginner’s intro class to gender-inclusivity beyond the binary.

  • Vocabulary: what do all these words mean?  What is current usage?
  • What do YOU mean?  We often assume we know what words mean. Often, we don’t.
  • What do we have to consider?  What is just? What is right? What is kind?
  • Who do you mean to include?  Who do you mean to exclude? Why?
  • How do we live up to the promise of our words?

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Includes 90m class recording, section introductions, worksheets, and supporting materials.


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...and why should you listen to me?

I’m Rev. Leela Sinha.  I’m queer, nonbinary, genderqueer, trans-identified, middle-aged, and a person of color.  I’m also a UU minister with 30 years of experience running workshops and about the same in (mostly underground) sexuality education. 

I can be serious, but mostly I like to get there by laughing.  I work primarily as a coach with intense founders and executives on developing good practices with leadership and power.

Inclusivity is an ethics, leadership, and power center in almost every context.

Who is this for?

This is for good people who want to do the right thing and are running events or organizations.  It’s for people who want to be inclusive and ethical and moral about they way they describe, design, and include (and exclude) people…in this case specifically about gender..and don’t know what to do to make that happen.

This is for beginners.  People who have heard that this stuff is out there but don’t know how to be effectively and deeply inclusive.  People who don’t know if using women or womxn is correct.  People who know they need to get current on gender concepts and inclusion but don’t know how.

This is for people who are influencing and choosing language and event structures.  I will be assuming that you have the power to make decisions.  I will not be navigating “how do I get my organization on board with this” although I will suggest that the work of CB Beal or the work of the Transforming Hearts Collective might be useful in that case.

Who is this not for? 

People who already know this landscape. That means if you already know your way around trans and nonbinary language and culture, this is not for you. Attendees might say hurtful things by accident, and you don’t need that in your world. Also, you’ll probably be bored or want more nuance than I’m going to get into.

People who don’t want to learn more/be inclusive.  I’m not going to engage arguments about whether this is right or wrong or valid or any of that.  If you don’t think trans and nonbinary inclusivity is right, then please don’t sign up.

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