submission, kink, sex, and power…and how an imaginary assistant improved her bottom line

Thank you for listening to today’s episode of PowerPivot. Thanks to @demilife for our music and @larissafae for the transcript cleanup. Our guest was Kate Sloan of and You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram at @girly_juice, and on her own podcasts: The Dildorks, and Question Box.

We mentioned: Emily Nagoski: author, Come as You Are

Vice articles

Sinclair Sexsmith: the palette of permission, blogging at and also has a patreon

Alexandra Franzen: “sometimes you have to endure temporary discomfort to achieve something truly amazing”

and some of our better quotes:
“I have to balance my own body’s needs with what the world needs from me.” -Kate
“Even if you’re structurally and systematically disempowered in the world it can be really calming and empowering in its own way to give up power to someone else…” – Kate
“Kink has helped me release a lot of shame about needing or wanting other people’s help and support.” -Kate

“What if you use kink as a space to practice having power that you don’t have in the world?”
“When you become somebody else’s employee, that’s a consensual power exchange relationship.” –Leela

“People will do almost anything to avoid talking to their partner about a thing that they want if they have shame about it…” -Kate