First Salon!

Date: Thursday, December 15,
Time: 4-6 PM Pacific US time (7-9 PM Eastern),
Location: in the Great Hall space on (link).

intensives. together!

join us!

pink galaxy in a dark sky

Our inaugural salon will be a chance for all the new members, at both levels, to gather, connect, try the space, and be excited together! Leela will talk a bit about the Institute, we’ll have a few startup questions, and then we’ll get to mingle–drag your icon next to other icons to get a video chat going, exit when you’re ready to move on.  Dive deep with the person you’re chatting with, or move from group to group.  Every so often we’ll be invited to switch around, but no one will force you.  

We’re here to meet and enjoy each other, find out what we “do” and what we love, and where those things can overlap and intersect.


let’s connect

Networking Meets Silent Disco

green screenshot with many small face icons and two sticky notes is video conferencing, but different from zoom. Instead of all being stuck in our Brady Bunch grid for the whole time, subject to the organizer’s timing, each of us can move around independently, whenever we want.

image of a virtual  room with a row of video windows at the top

You set up your profile, answer the icebreaker question for yourself, and move around the room.  When you get close to another person’s avatar, pops you into a video chat.  When you’re done, just move away…and everything is silent. Jump in, take a breather, pop in again.